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my ass is on a book

My ass is on the cover of Naked on the Internet! I liked this book a lot. I tried to read it from the perspective of someone who wasn't in the adult industry, but I wasn't entirely successful in doing that just because I'm so deeply steeped into the material. I believe she gave a fair representation of the industry, and I agree with her observations on how women (specifically, sex workers) are using the internet beyond the corporate paradigm to serve their needs. And hey, when I did get to a section I knew nothing about (craigslist prostitution) I found it informative, clear, engaging, and fascinating. I recommend checking this book out. And not just because my ass is on the cover.

These lovely pictures of me with the book were taken by the lovely Trouble over at NoFauxxx; I had the greatest time romping around and getting naked for her. This set is soooooo meta, let me tell you.

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is nerdpr0n loading for you?

Hey all - I switched servers last week and had a whole heap of bullshit with DNS servers. It took more than a couple of days to propagate fully, and some people were still having a hard time connecting to it. So, if http://www.nerdpr0n.com does NOT work for you, could you do me two favors? 1- tell me it doesn't work. 2- tell me what IP address it's trying to connect to - an easy way to do this is to ping me (start -> run -> ping nerdpr0n.com).


And if you were one of the people who couldn't connect this weekend, try it now, I have a hot new girl-girl set up to make it worth your while. ;)

bonus mini-shoot

Here is a little mid-week pick-me-up...some gettin' naked in an airline bathroom! ;) This set also features something kinda rare around this site: pubic hair! When I travel to Europe I like to let it grow out, first because toiletries are a pain in the ass, and second because...just because. Enjoy!

see the rest of these pics and much more at my site!

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